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    • Bro

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    • how much do you pay your editors

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    • Bible part

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  • Demon slayer

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  • Happy birthday preston

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  • Happy birthday Preston 🎂

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  • Preston: at least I look pretty. Me: ...

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  • Happy late birthday

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  • You’re awesome

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  • Awesome😁

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  • Happy birthday

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  • Happy birthday Preston

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  • congrats on hitting 10m subs and i am a biggest fan

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  • Hapy birthday

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  • oi. .io

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  • my name is lemonadeplayz

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  • I am a new youtuber

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  • Happy birthday preston

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  • I am your big fan preston

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  • True

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  • when everybody was singing happy birthday

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  • happy birthday i am late sorry

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  • In those onezie he looks cute,funny and comfy

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  • Congrats on 10mil!

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  • been subbed since i was 4 n now im 10 by the way congrats

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  • Noob1234 is missing

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  • Happy Birthday

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  • I like the one when you slipped it was funny

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  • Love you videos

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  • What anime do you like the most mine is One piece and dbz

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  • Preston gun is name cordite

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  • The nerf war

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  • happy birthday !!

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  • Hey i wonder where is nick its been along time seens i saw him i miss him😢

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  • Yo preston more Roblox plesase

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  • hi preston im an army police officer and you have done some illigel thing and after weak you will be arested and happy birth day you are an legend

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  • happy bday preston :)

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  • Congratulations on hitting 10million subs happy birthday

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  • i can't here you talking???

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  • happy b-day preston u look cute (to prove molly wrong)

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  • happy birthday

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  • *he

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  • who draw the tanjiro in the intro? ihe from demon slayer kemitsu no yaiba

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  • happy birthday

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  • Make a behind the scene videos when you are recording cause I might earn money and buy the same setup as you hehhehe

  • Congrats I was one of the 10mil

    not_lowkey god gamingnot_lowkey god gaming7 күн мурун
  • Yep

    Easton LettEaston Lett7 күн мурун
  • You were to nice to the editors and your friends but usually you would trash them. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  • In the morning

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  • I wonder were he is staying at

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  • Did he move

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  • Happy late Birthday preston!! Thank you for intertaning me through when my parents fight and when i am sad.

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  • Eyy same gojo is may fav to✨

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  • I know your birth day was 3 weeks ago but happy late birthday

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  • My son is one of your biggest fan and he badly wants your merch. He watches you every single day!!! ❤️

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  • Nice lol

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  • I’m big fan of Preston as well as Bionic

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  • Happy birthday

  • Happy birthday preston

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  • You look cute ;)

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  • Happy bday

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  • Well i have nothing to say so happy birthday

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  • Happy birthday 🎂 preston

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  • Happy birth day!

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  • Have you ever been to roundrock Texas

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  • When we said happy birthday

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  • My birth day was may 12 happy B DAY!

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  • It was funny when you gave the bird bread

    Matthew MulgrewMatthew Mulgrew10 күн мурун
  • I just got a Preston ad on a Preston video

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  • You look so handsome

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  • Today Is my birthday

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  • Ya im late but he still old :3

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  • 3:33 preston: can i touch it levi: yeah : levi its nice huh

    carlover2323!carlover2323!11 күн мурун
  • Happy birthday and congratulations on 10million👍🙃 my favourite part was when u had a need battle so cool😎

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  • Happy birthday to you 🎂🥳🎂🎈🎈🎈

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  • Ok

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  • Say hello to josh from my part please

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  • Happy birth day Preston

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  • HAPPY birthday

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  • Hi Preston

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  • Just realized I share a birthday with preston

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  • Happy love

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  • Congratulations

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  • Happy super late birthday preston

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  • happy b-day well late b- day LOL 10 MIL fun fact i was inspired by you to make a channel

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  • Congrats

    Game PlayGame Play12 күн мурун

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